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AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case
AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case

AFM iPhone 7 8 X Case

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  • Adapt to Models: This AFM iPhone case is compatible with Apple iPhone X 8 7 plus , and supports wireless charging.
  • The Inner Beauty of the Clear Case: This advanced ultra thin soft clear TPU case has a plating edge and features a unique no bulkiness lightweight design. It's easy to put on and take off, fits easily in your pocket, and it's lined water resistant, scratch-resistant texture that gives your phone a clean-looking slim fit.
  • The External Beauty of the Thin Case: The case's fully transparent material shows all the original beauty of your cell phone, and does not increase the weight of the phone - as if there is no case there!
  • The Craft Beauty of the Soft Case: The precision openings and thin body of the iPhone case do not affect the performance of the phone, make it easy to charge, and provide perfect cover to the buttons to extend their life.
  • Screen and Camera Protection: By featuring a raised camera and screen edge to protect your camera and screen from scratching, the case's soft TPU provides better protection than hard PC/PP for the iPhone X’s glass back.

1.Adopts Germany imported TPU material.
2.Using wear-resistance electroplating to make the painting won’t be peeled off, extending its lifetime.
3.Supports wireless charging without taking off your case.
4.Easy to install and disassemble.
5.Ultra-thin, only 9mm.
6.The thickness of imported TPU is 1.5MM. Compared with those of only 0.8-1MM on the market, our case with more thickness could offer effective protection when phone stumbling down.
7.The electroplating on top and bottom parts and buttons is more attracting than the usual electroplate crafts, making your iPhone different with more fashion and dynamic.

Q&A about Iphone Case:

Question1: Does the color of this electroplated case easily fade?
Answer: NO! Our product is manufactured with our exclusive electroplating process and it is more wear-resistant than other products. Its color can last for a long time.

Question2: Will it turn yellow after use for a long time?
Answer: NO! We use quality raw materials and you can rest assured to use our product.

Question3: Does this case easily fall off?
Answer: NO! It is not slippery and it provides good grip in hand.

Question4: Does this case have a lip around the camera?
Answer: YES! It has a lip of 0.3mm thickness to protect the camera from scratches.

Question5: Are the buttons easy to press?
Answer: Yes, it is very responsive.

Question6: Does this case work with wireless charging?
Answer: Yes, it supports wireless charging and you do not need to take the case off.

Question7: What are the dimensions of the charging hole?
Answer: Length is 11mm(0.33in) and width is 6mm(0.18in). The case supports 90% charging cables on the market.

Question8: Is the case back clear?
Answer: Yes, we use Germany imported SGS material and it is clear enough to enhance the beauty of the iPhone X.

Question9: Is this case anti-watermark?
Answer: Yes! The clear part has micro dots that prevent air bubbles and there is no water marks on back of the iPhone X with its glass finish.

Question10: Does this case protect the iPhone X from drops?
Answer: Yes, the thickness of our case is 1.5mm and it provides far more protection than other products that only have 1mm.

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